Hi, I’m Ronni Kass. And, like you, I want to make a creative contribution to the world.

Forever a lover of communication, I love how design brings communication to a new level. I’m all about distilling essence into clear and unique visual language. 

Inspired by my grandfathers – one a painter and one a photographer – I was determined to explore a career in art. This led me to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan, School of Art & Design. At my first job, back in my hometown of Miami, Florida, I had a mentor who rounded out my design education, and showed me the ropes of running a business and the value of client relationships.

I’ve been working in art and design for decades. After employment at a small graphic design studio and in the art department of a large company, I realized I wanted to be a free agent. Working from a home studio meant I could easily take my breaks outside in nature, be around for my family, and stay close to the sparkling water in my fridge.

Actually, I think I’m a bit like that sparkling water…bubbly yet down to earth. I’m also a necessity. Just as you need water to survive, your business needs design to come alive. (And, like water that gets absorbed in the body, I’ll get absorbed in your project.) 

Since then I’ve traded the East Coast for the West Coast, and although I can collaborate with anyone, anywhere, my home studio is currently in Culver City, California.

Enough about me, now tell me about you. Grab some sparkling water (or beverage of your choice) and let’s see how I can help.

Call or email for a complimentary chat about your next project.


I absolutely loved working with Ronni! Her sunny disposition and creative energy made her so much fun to work with. What is unique about Ronni is that beyond her graphic design skills and talents, she is an amazing listener. Because of her ability to listen intuitively, we were able to connect and collaborate seamlessly. She is a brilliant brand designer that you will love working with too.

Denise Finnerty, My Purposeful Path