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What graphic design services do you provide?

I operate a full-service graphic design studio, creating print and digital communications including logos, branding, package design, marketing, publications, website art direction, and more. Each client and project is unique, so I listen hard to discover what you’re all about, and identify what creative ideas and strategies will work best for you and your business. Whether you’re a start-up, large company, or non-profit, I am here to help.

You are an individual, can you provide what an agency provides?

As a sole proprietor who has been in this business for decades, I handle jobs personally to provide consistent attention and service. I also collaborate with other creative professionals if needed: production artists, copywriters, web programmers and printers, depending on your needs and project scope. My work will be on par with agencies…and my price more reasonable.

How do we begin? 

Please contact me for a free consultation and a chance to get to know each other. I’ll listen to what you need and let you know what I can do for you.


Once we decide to work together, what is your process and what is my involvement in it? 

The design process is a practiced approach in 3 phases:

• Client intake and field research
• Three creative development rounds of presentations, discussions and revisions
• Finalization and delivery of digital and print files

From start to finish, we communicate, review and refine. There are approvals in each phase of creative development, so you get what you expect.

How long will it take?

The length of a project depends on its scope. I typically create a schedule when we begin so there is clarity about deadlines. I balance the time needed to produce effective work with delivering a final product in a reasonable timeline.

Does the final artwork belong to me?

Graphic design is a work for hire. Once we’ve completed your project and the final invoice is paid, you own your art files.

How do you charge for your services?

My fees vary based on the nature and scope of your needs. For a large project, I provide a proposal with a creative brief, package rate, and timeline. l bill hourly for simpler projects. 

Why should I pay more for your services when I can use an online service?

There is no substitute for personal attention, decades of experience, and custom design. Working with me means having a partner who cares about your project and prioritizes your satisfaction.

How will I receive the final design(s)?

I upload a package of high quality digital and press ready files, in all sizes and formats you’ll need.

What are your payment options?

I take zelle, venmo and old-school checks. 

Why did you become a designer and how did you learn your skills?

To see this answer check out MY STORY.




Ronni is a professional who is driven toward quality and results. Our group’s work ethic was continually challenged, as Ronni came prepared and ready for action. She is an excellent project leader, focused and firm yet open to alternative viewpoints and ideas.

Paul Walslaben, Motor Studios